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Young Justice Vol 1 8


Young Justice Vol 1 8

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"The Uninvited Geeks": Red Tornado is at the monitor station in the cave of Young Justice when suddenly a blond man pops up on the screen and somehow electrocutes Red Tornado through the keyboard. Following that, [[Raelene Sharp (New Eart

Quote1 Six out of six again. ho-hum. Practice makes perfect. Perfectly boring. Quote2
-- Arrowette

Appearing in "The Uninvited Geeks"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mr. Vogel

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Synopsis for "The Uninvited Geeks"

Red Tornado is at the monitor station in the cave of Young Justice when suddenly a blond man pops up on the screen and somehow electrocutes Red Tornado through the keyboard. Following that, Razorsharp and Hackrat, both belonging to the Psyba-Rats, enter the cave and start hacking the computer.

Meanwhile, Razorsharp tries to take care of Arrowette who is in the gym and the only member of Young Justice present in the cave. While the two girls are fighting, Robin, Impulse, Superboy, and Secret arrive at the cave entrance, but Robin is unable to open the door. After some bickering Robin tells Impulse to vibrate into the cave to see what is going on in there. Arrowette has defeated Razorsharp, but then Hackman knocks her out with a tazer from behind. Channelman, the man on the monitor, warns the team regarding Impulse who sifts through the cave rather sloppily and, thus, only finds Red Tornado. He informs Robin, but the Channelman uses the holographic projection systems of the cave to attack Impulse with a videogame character and occupy him. Channelman also notices that Secret has entered the cave through the vents and uses fans to push her back. Still, Arrowette is able to free herself and then she shoots an arrow right through the data discs used by Hackman. As Robin and Superboy enter the cave, there is not more fighting because Robin and Razorsharp know each other.

The Psyba-Rats apologize for their actions and tell Young Justice that they do not know who hired them, but their job was to transmit all files related to Magellan Imports. Now Robin knows that it was Blockbuster, crime boss of Bludhaven, who is behind this. In an act of revenge, Young Justice and the Psyba-Rats work together and send a virus into Blockbuster's computer systems ...


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