"Full Circle: Part 2": Tim Foster discovers his daughter Nikki trying to kiss his old flame Amy Smootster on his couch, and is reasonably surprised. Amy manages to struggle free of Nikki, and chases after

Quote1 What I don't get is, are you going to be controlling squares, or are they going to be controlling you? Quote2
-- Amy Smootster

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Synopsis for "Full Circle: Part 2"

Tim Foster discovers his daughter Nikki trying to kiss his old flame Amy Smootster on his couch, and is reasonably surprised. Amy manages to struggle free of Nikki, and chases after Tim, promising that things aren't what they look like. She accepts responsibility for letting Nikki's crush play out in order to get closer to him. Tim states that Nikki has bigger problems than her sexual orientation. Amy believes she can help, worrying that Nikki's shape ambivalence and Tim's behavior are a problem.

In frustration, Tim brings up the fact that Amy is actually upset about the fact that he didn't wait for her when they met after 3 years of waiting for her to turn 18. Grumpily, Amy squirts him in the eye with some of her shame-fluid. He pleads with her to deal with the issue, but she kisses him, and follows it up with a punch in the gut before leaving.

Amy tries to get Nikki to come out of the bathroom (ironically saying "come out of the closet" by mistake), but to no avail. Resigned, Tim offers to walk Amy out, revealing that he'll be gone for a few days, and everyone needs time to sort things out. Nikki watches as Amy leaves with her father, realizing that she has failed.

The next day, Amy receives a call from a woman claiming to be Nikki's mother, begging her to come over and get Nikki to come out of her bedroom. When Amy arrives, the door is answered by a strange woman whose head appears square, and whose appearance seems to be constantly changing. The woman claims that her name is simply "mom." Amy awkwardly opens the bedroom door, and Nikki beckons her inside hurriedly.

All of the square shaped furniture in Nikki's room has gathered and piled in the centre of the room. She notes that all of the circular stuff bolted out the window. Amy relates to Nikki's confusion and discomfort about the situation, and when Mom knocks on the door, they decide to sneak out the window and escape.

The girls head to Amy's house, which is full of circular objects. Amy wonders how Nikki manages to remain unaffected by either squares or circles. Nikki responds that she doesn't attach morality to shapes - to her, they're amoral. To demonstrate the power of circles, Amy leans back, and using the power in her feet, she raises a number of circular objects in her house off of the ground, and moves them around. Nikki is impressed, but breaks Amy's concentration, and all of the objects smash to the ground.

Nikki attempts to seduce Amy again, and Amy decides to lay down the law. She states that she loves Tim, and not Nikki, and that when she was Nikki's age, she wasn't ready for a relationship. Regardless, Nikki kisses her again. Amy shoves her away, telling her that Nikki can't make someone love her. Nikki responds that squares can make people love her.

Meanwhile, Mom has packed a bunch of microwaves into the back of a truck and driven them to Amy's house. She opens the back, and the devices slowly converge on it. When the girls look out the window and see the squares coming for them, Nikki determines that it is Mom's doing. Inside the truck, Mom thinks to herself that the attack by the squares is actually Nikki's doing, and that the woman Nikki calls her mom is not what she seems. Suddenly, the roof of Amy's house blows off.

Tim arrives at the scene of the explosion to find the police there, and when the police ask him whether he knows anything, he balks at the idea of telling them the truth that his daughter refuses to acknowledge that her mother died years ago, and that she angrily pretends to see her mother walking around with a big square head.

The girls wind up several hundred yards away in a dumpster full of sugar cubes. Amy professes that she didn't make it happen. Nikki develops a strange obsession with Amy's socks, smelling them, and eventually putting them into her mouth and eating them. The residue of Amy's foot-fluid has an effect, and a small cube appears under Nikki's skin.

Two days later, Amy appears at the window of Tim's house, and assures him that Nikki is with her. Tim tries to explain his plan that in order to resolve their leftover issues, they have to go back to the place where he broke her heart. He admits that he hurt her by not waiting, and tries to ask if she still feels the same.

Suddenly, Nikki appears, and interjects that Amy loves her now. Tim is wise to his daughter's power and knows that Nikki is manipulating Amy with her powers. Amy is forced to choose between the man she loves and the teenage girl who is controlling her mind with the power of squares.


  • This book was first published on December 4, 2002.
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