"Full Circle: Part 3": In the morning, Amy Smootster and Nikki Foster are staying in a cabin which once belonged to Nikki's father Tim and her mother. Nikki refuses to accept that controlling Amy's actions

Quote1 You can make me do whatever you want, but you can't make me love you, Nikki. It just doesn't work that way. Quote2
-- Amy Smootster

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  • Rochelle "Rat" Thompson




Synopsis for "Full Circle: Part 3"

In the morning, Amy Smootster and Nikki Foster are staying in a cabin which once belonged to Nikki's father Tim and her mother. Nikki refuses to accept that controlling Amy's actions is wrong, and believes that with enough effort, she can make Amy fall in love with her, despite the fact that Amy has been in love with her father for 18 years.

Nikki tells Amy about her friend Rat, who came out as a lesbian to her school, and is now shunned by everyone - including Nikki. She believes that Amy judges her in the same way that she herself judges Rat - as a perverted lesbian - despite the fact that Nikki is obviously infatuated with a woman.

A knock comes at the door, and Amy answers it. Coincidentally, it's Rat, who has been sent looking for them by Mr. Foster. Amy invites her in, hoping that having a friend there would help Nikki, but Rat believes that Nikki and Amy are in a relationship already, despite Amy's denial, and sadly walks away. Outside, she encounters Nikki's "Mom", who drops a monstrous microwave from beneath her dress.

Amy returns to Nikki and states outright that she thinks Rat is very brave for coming forward with her sexuality, and that Nikki is a coward for not doing the same. Amy states that no matter how much Nikki's powers might be able to make her do what she wants, they will never make her love her. Amy warns that Nikki's problem is that she's a selfish brat who doesn't care about anybody but herself. She admits that the night she was flirtatious with Nikki was merely to get close to Tim. Angrily, Nikki stalks away, and locks herself in her room leaving Amy to sleep on the edge of the pool. That night, Amy wakes up surrounded by living appliance, come to attack her.

Nikki wakes to find the pool drained and Amy missing. She concludes that it must have been Mom's doing. Outside, she encounters Mom, who notifies her that both Amy and Tim have been dragged into the earth. Mom's head appears different; a mish-mash of triangles, squares, and circles with one big question mark in the middle. Nikki asks about it, and Mom replies that it's not her head, but the shape that Nikki persists on seeing it as. Mom asks what's so frightening about seeing her as she really is - her true shape. Nikki responds "everything," as a tiny triangle pops up under her skin. Suddenly, an explosion destroys the entire cabin, and Nikki realizes that she is responsible. She ditches Mom and goes in search of Amy herself.

Hours later, Amy discovers Rat, who has just destroyed a microwave with a stick. Nikki congratulates her on doing the right thing, and Rat points out that she has also found Amy in a nearby mine-shaft. From down in the hole, Amy begs for help, admitting that she can't use her powers to get out because of all of the squares around her.

After Nikki leaves, Tim reveals that he is also down there, and Amy tries to convince him to talk about their relationship, while they're stuck. He explains that he didn't wait for her because he felt it would have been unfair to hold her to a promise she made when she was only 15 years old. Amy admits that it was a fair assumption, but that it hurt her. She wonders if they have something in the here and now. Tim is evasive, and instead of responding, he fiddles with his lighter, trying to create a spark. When he manages to get a steady flame, they discover that the mine is full of monstrous squares.

Later, Nikki discovers her father's car, and hears thudding coming from within the trunk. Inexplicably, Tim Foster is tied up inside, and claims that Nikki's mother did it. He and Nikki get into the car and begin driving back to the mine shaft. On the way, Tim expresses his worries about the dark places that exploring her control issues seems to be taking Nikki. He suggests, again, that the "mother" that Nikki keeps seeing isn't real. Nikki responds that whatever happens between her and Amy, it's her call. Tim accuses her of bluffing, but he is disturbed when he hears that it was Nikki who destroyed the cabin.


  • This book was first published on January 8, 2003.
  • The issue features written clues in the artwork indicating that "Mom" is not what she seems, though nothing is revealed.


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