"Zero Girl: Part 4": Investigators question Tim Foster about the brutal murders of several thugs in an alleyway where he had left Amy Smootster alone the day before. The investigators imply and assume that Mr. Foster is involved in a r

Quote1 So... you've got a lot of guts playing footsy with jailbait like moi after the cops pulled your sorry butt in. So where's that stand? Lemme guess-- busting you for boinking little Amy takes a back seat to Amy the serial murderer? Quote2
-- Amy Smootster

Appearing in "Zero Girl: Part 4"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Michelle

Other Characters:

  • Margaret Hooley (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Carrie (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Sgt. Polk (Appears only as a corpse)


  • Brownsville High School



Synopsis for "Zero Girl: Part 4"

Investigators question Tim Foster about the brutal murders of several thugs in an alleyway where he had left Amy Smootster alone the day before. The investigators imply and assume that Mr. Foster is involved in a relationship with Amy, which he tries to brush off. The believe that Amy is likely involved in the deaths.
Elsewhere, the leader of the girls who had bullied Amy has collected the heads of her friends, the vice principal, and a police officer and stuffed them into boxes, with plans to make their heads turn into cube shapes. Her own head has grown into a cube shape, and she is forced to change it back to normal so she can go out without drawing attention to herself. From the bushes, she watches Amy laying on the bleachers at the high school's football field. She believes that the recurring image in Amy's head is making her uncomfortable.
Amy is still having nightmares about the bloody coaster, and wonders what it means. So far, the humiliation associated with that image is the most powerful source for her her to draw on - so powerful that it killed all of those men in the alley. Mr. Foster returns from his interrogation and expresses concern about the blood that seems to be on their hands, but Amy brushes it off. Instead, they talk about their relationship, and Amy warns that she will give up on it if Mr. Foster keeps playing games with her feelings.
Amy and Mr. Foster visit the park where a sow bug she calls 'Uncle Carl' lives. Amy believes that the sow bug is the reincarnation of psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Amy convinces Mr. Foster to open his mind to communicating with the bug, and he is surprised to hear its voice in his head. Uncle Carl explains that Amy needs to go through great suffering and loss to wake up from the delusion of chasing something she can't possibly have. Mr. Foster responds that he knows that he pulls away when people get too close to him - especially since he's afraid that something bad will happen to Amy soon. Uncle Car claims that the event surrounding the bloody coaster is what Amy needs to survive.
As Mr. Foster walks Amy back to his officer (where she has been sleeping), he offers her a present: a secret address where he can give himself to her completely. However, he adds the caveat that she has to wait 3 years until she is 18 before she can use it. Amy is let down, and she crumples the address and goes inside. Mr. Foster regrets his decision. As he walks away, Amy reaches back out the door, and picks up the crumpled address.
She steals his Beetle, and follows him home, parking outside his house. Mr. Foster lies in bed regretting how he has emotionally scarred Amy, and impeded her ability to have a natural relationship. Suddenly, Mr. Foster's mattress comes alive and begins attacking him. With no other escape, he leaps out the bedroom window, and rushes for his car. He is surprised to find Amy inside it, but she drags him in, and they are protected from the mattress.
Amy and Mr. Foster drive around town, while the all of the angular shapes around them try to destroy them. Amy directs them to a junkyard, which is full of round pieces of junk to protect them. Amy spies a large round cement mixer, and decides that it is a terrific hiding place, and rushes to it. However, the mixer is housed within a square shed, and it comes alive. Mr. Foster refuses to join Amy in the square cabin, as she climbs into the mixer, and her feet slowly fill it with their fluid. From nearby, the bully watches and prepares.
Suddenly, Amy falls into the cement mixer, and something is clearly wrong. The cement mixer appears to explode, and when Mr. Foster rushes to investigate, he finds that the cabin is empty. Behind him, the bully appears, with a fully square head, and asks him for some help.


  • This issue is reprinted in the Zero Girl trade paperback.


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