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Zur-En-Arrh is both a location and a concept, seen and used primarily for Batman.


Zur-En-Arrh is both a location and a concept, seen and used primarily for Batman.


Zur-En-Arrh was the name of a distant planet. Here, a scientist called Tlano became the Batman from Zur-En-Arrh inspired by the Batman of Earth. When Zur-En-Arrh is attacked by robot invaders, Tlanos teleports Batman to his planet to help him battle robots. While on the planet, Earth's Batman found he had "Superman-like" powers and helped Tlanos defeat the invaders.[1]


The phrase Zur-En-Arrh started appearing in Gotham City on the streets and dark alleys where Batman would capture some criminals like the Joker.[2] The phrase continued to appear, usually as a background element graffiti, until Batman was attacked by the Black Glove and his mind was broken as a result of a past psicological trauma triggered by the Black Glove's leader, Simon Hurt. As Bruce's mind was wiped away, it was later revealed that he had created a back-up personality which had been stored on Bruce's subconscious for years and was triggered by the phrase, "Zur-En-Arrh". With this personality, Bruce became the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, who was a psychotic version of himself, with visions of the imp from the fifth dimension, Bat-Mite, which was the representation of Bruce's last bit of sanity in his mind.[3]

As the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, Bruce was able to confront the Black Glove at Arkham Asylum, where they tried to keep a gambling game over his life.[4] He also confronted the Joker, but was ultimately defeated and buried alive on the Asylum's graveyard. After this experience, Bruce's mind recovered naturally and the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh was eliminated from his subconscious as he confronted Hurt and the Black Glove until his apparent demise.[5]

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  • Zur-En-Arrh was first created as the name of a planet in France Herron's 1958 story Batman - The Superman of Planet-X featured in Batman #113.
  • When Grant Morrison took over the Batman series in September 2006, he immediately began referencing classic moments from the character's career, including utilizing a version of Bat-Mite and reusing a costume and dialogue from issue 156.[6] Among the references was the Zur-En-Arrh phrase.


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